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Date night reloaded

Posted: 3 months ago - Aug 25, 2023

First I want to apologize to anyone who reads this but why would you do so? Sometimes a girl just needs to let off steam.

Dinner was excellent as was the restaurant .Just the right amount of sparkle off the chrome and glass , very attentive waitstaff as we finish our desserts.

Lavender creme brule' with an espresso doppio and for you? something chocolatey and decadent.

Breaking the rules of etiquette I put my elbows on the table lace my fingertips together make a bridge and rest my chin to stare across the tiny table at you. Love your look tonight .

Little black dress with ruffled accents at the hem sleeves and neckline. Your hair is lovely piled to one side and held with combs big gold hoop earrings of which I am immensely fond. I am, as always a bit more conservative , cream colored skirt that flares a bit just below the knees I love the way it moves when I walk helps accentuate the sway of the hips and you know how we all like that. Loose long sleeved blouse in turquoise satin. We settle into some idle chit-chat when an idea grabs me.

You need to use the Ladies room, oh yes you do. I stand and take your hand leading you towards the back of the room. Not my fault you chose to wear that high of a heel as you have to trot like a show pony to keep pace with me. Ah the loo is this way so lets go the other way down this hall into that one through this archway into the depths of the building until we find a dark recess dimly lit by a green EXIT sign.

I spin you around and ever so gently slam you up against the wall. The smell of cooking and stale liquor , quite romantic don't you think? Our faces come together so close that our vision blurs and our lips touch ever so lightly and then again just a bit firmer and then like north and south on a magnet they collide as our tongues dance the Mambo. Hints of chocolate espresso and .....passion.

As we kiss my hands find the hem of your dress and ruck it up over your hips my thumbs hook the waistband of your panties and glide them down to your knees.

Are you kidding me? What was Wal-mart having a twofer on Hello Kitty panties!!!

You can get them off the rest of the way and I love the twisting kicking dance you perform in so doing.

I reach between your legs and grab a handful , or it soon will be. Meanwhile your hands have slipped up my skirt where your finger tips hook under the elastic bands at the leg of my panties and trace along them from back to front.

My panties garter belt and stockings cost more than you made last week so be REAL careful!

I press my knee against your thighs to spread your legs and bring it up into your groin , you give little yelp of surprise. 'To market to market to ride a rock horse' want to bounce up and down on Mommies knee.? And if you make a mess on my stockings I will slap you so hard you will beg for more.

Maybe a good thing you chose such high heels, otherwise you would be on your tippy toes.

I grab your wrists and pin your arms to the wall above your head , no one to see us but these empty cases of beer bottles, Oh and the Busboy at the end of the corridor with his tub of dirty dishes and chin down to his knees, What's the matter never seen two CD's making out?

Beat it Junior we don't do threesomes.

As our lips stay locked together another thought enters my mind. I kiss my way around your neck to your ear and whisper those words we all want to hear " place...NOW"

Pull your dress back down my Dear it's rather unladylike and the other patrons may not enjoy your bare tushy the way I do.

I trot you back through the labyrinth stopping just long enough at our table to drop some cash for the bill and the requisite tip. Tapping across the floor to the coat check and another tip.

Wonder if anyone noticed the bulge in your Bodycon dress?

Oh well no matter , coats on and we're out the door. Your panties ? Oh don't worry I left them on the table for the Busboy , he was, after all a good sport about it.......TAXI

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