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I love being JulieAnne / Member Introductions / Adult Trans Form

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#1 2023-09-27 10:24:12

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I love being JulieAnne

Build up a huge wardrobe, accessories, and social network, purge it all, go dormant for a few years and start all over again. I've been an autosexual crossdresser for decades and I'm back flirting with this, and maybe some of you atm.
For me this thing goes back to trying on vintage nighties when they weren't vintage yet at age 4 and feeling amazing. Why I will never know.
Never been out, don't really care to, but I love shopping, and getting all dolled up for the camera. I have over 6,700 pictures of me in various outfits and, uh, poses haha. No photoshop, or face app, just the usual trickery with corsets, forms, makeup, lighting, etc.
Now please can the chat work so I can talk to you lovely people? I used to have extensive profiles on tv(chix) who recently banned me for life just for trying to recreate my profile(!), and many others I have forgotten about.
Too bad the authoritarians have eroded our trust and community, but don't get me started on that! Or do, if you wish to vent with me!
Anyway, hi! I'm baaaaack...

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